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Landscape Photography Exploring France Loir-et-Cher Part 2

For this week’s episode of Exploring France I’m back in Loir-et-Cher for more landscape photography and of course architecture photography. Although the department is called Loir-et-Cher it does also have the mighty Loire going through it but in any case outside of the UNESCO World Heritage Site there is a ton to do. One of the things I was lucky enough to do was go up the bell tower of the church in Selles-sur-Cher. But, as you’ll see at the […]

Landscape Photography Exploring France Cher Part 2

In this week’s episode of Landscape Photography Exploring France I visit the department of Cher for a second time. This central department has a whole raft of places to go but in this episode the architecture is what I mainly focus on. It goes without saying that if you say France to people then images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris; lavender in Provence and the Alps are probably high in people’s minds. But there is more to the country […]

Landscape Photography Exploring France Haute Vienne

For this week’s episode of Landscape Photography Exploring it’s the time of Haute Vienne in south central France. This beautiful area of France has so much to do it is a sure thing that I’m going to get back again at some point. From castles to ruined churches to the stunning cathedral in Limoges. But also let’s not forget the sweeping landscapes too as they are a must. Now, speaking of Limoges cathedral I was given some special access to […]

Landscape Photography Exploring France Loir et Cher & Loir Valley

This week’s vlog on Landscape Photography Exploring France shows some of the Loir et Cher department along with the other Loir Valley. Yes, there is another Loir Valley but note the spelling. France has two rivers with the name but a different spelling. The Loire Valley with an e is the main river as well as encompassing the UNESC World Heritage Site. But there is a smaller river Loir which flows into the Loire. Confused? The Loir Valley is more […]