Panorama of the London skyline looking over Westminster and the Houses of Parliament

London skyline captured in stunning panoramas

Big Ben, the London Eye and Houses of Parliament captured in stunning panoramas of London skyline

In early September I made a trip over to London in order to capture the skyline at its best.

The endless panorama of the London skyline is an ever evolving beast and each time you visit the city you’ll see that it seems to have yet again.

Panorama of the London skyline looking over the river Thames
Panoramic view of central London skyline at dawn.

When I visit a city such as London one of my goals is to get up high in order to get a better view. Looking over the rooftops of the cityscape below you get a much better idea of the skyline itself.

London has a number of places where you can go up high such as The Shard to see the panorama but the big issue is that you are enclosed within. Trying to capture images, and especially panoramic images, is hindered because the security glass will likely add nasty reflections to the image.

Panorama of the London skyline
Panorama of the London skyline

So to capture the stunning panoramas of the London skyline that were published earlier on in the Daily Mail I researched a number of offices and hotels. Places that had roof terraces that would provide an unobstructed view without the hinderance of security glass.

This in practice sounds relatively simple but in fact what it took was booking multiple hotels and changing to a different one each night.

So sit back and enjoy the beautiful panoramas of the London skyline.

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Big Ben and the Shard towering above the London skyline.
Big Ben and the Shard towering above the London skyline.

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