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I run a number of photo tours in many countries across Europe, including France, Italy and Norway.


France has been my home for many years now and I am pleased to offer photography tours in two of the country’s most photogenic locations.

In Provence you can photograph the beautiful lavender fields, or explore the fascinating Chateaus that dot the towns and villages of the Loire Valley.

The Chateau de Sully-sur-Loire in France. The seat of the Duke de Sully, the Chateau de Sully sur Loire is a chateau-fort built to control one of the few sites where the river Loire can be forded. It’s origins date back to around the 13th century with various additions being added over the centuries.
Snow covered church in the Dolomites


Italy offers some of Europe’s most alluring landscapes. In the north you can photograph the majestic jagged peaks of the Italian Dolomite, or head a little further down for the quintessential landscapes of Tuscany, where red-tiled farmhouses and cypress trees poke through the mist as the sunrise bathes it all glorious colour.


In the colder regions of Northern Europe, you can photograph the stunning frozen landscapes of Norway.

Capture colourful wooden houses sitting at the foot of beautiful snow-covered mountain peaks. The highlight of this photography tour is the chance to capture the amazing spectacle of the Northern Lights.

Snow covered beach and coastline on the island of Sommaroy in northern Norway.

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