how to photograph from planes

How To Photograph From Planes

How to photograph from planes

How To Photograph From Planes is a vlog I put together 3 years ago but never got around to releasing it. Why? Because just afterwards the pandemic hit and flying was nigh on impossible.

The sound isn’t perfect but then I am on a flight and trying not to disturb other passengers around me.

Tips would be to use a 16-35mm or 24-70mm lens. Anything longer starts showing the ground speed of the plane.

If possible, take a look at Flight Radar 24 to see what flight path your plane is likely to take. At times you’ll be flying over some beautiful landscapes or sometimes be flying over cityscapes as you come into land.

Finally, if you can get the first row then you’re definitely in business. being sat over the wing will result in nothing whereas if you’re at the back you may pick up the heat from the engines.

My YouTube channel is dedicated to all things landscape and travel photography so if that’s your thing then I’d love to have you come along for the ride.

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