Landscape Photography in France. Indre.

Indre, France

On Wednesday 29th March 2017 my photography took me to the department of Indre in central France. Indre is one of those places with some hidden gems such as the river valley of the Creuse. The Beaux Villages de France of Gargilesse Dampierre is notable for the famous 19th century writer George Sand who lived there. In addition to the southern tip of Indre I did try my best with the neighbouring department of Creuse but just didn’t feel happy capturing any of this on film. First thing in the morning I stopped off at Argenton-sur-Creuse before heading into the countryside. Join me as I try to capture in the best way that I can the river Creuse valley area of Indre. *Note that the next vlog will be around 7 April 2017.  

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