Loire Valley and Vienne. Landscape photography in France.

Vienne and Loire Valley

  On Wednesday 5th April 2017 my photography took me to the department of Vienne as well as ending the day in the Loire Valley in central France. Vienne is a department with a number of hidden gems such as the river valley of the Gartempe. It is notable for the main city of Poitiers but outside of here there are countless things to shoot including small villages; landscapes and beautiful architecture protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition to the Vienne my day had to end up in the Loire Valley where I live. This part of the vlog was concentrated around Langeais. First thing in the morning I stopped off at Bourg-Archambault and it’s gorgeous castle before discovering the countryside and then into the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saint Savin abbey. The day ends with gorgeous light in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Loire Valley near to where I live. The banks of the Loire and the city of Langeais. *Note that the next vlog will be around 20 April 2017.  

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