The beach at Beg Meil in Brittany, France.

Finistère, Brittany

During the week of 8th April to 15th April 2017 my family and I took a holiday to the department of Finistère in the region of Brittany in western France. Southern Finistère is known as “Little Cornwall” or Petit Cornouaille and if you’ve ever visited the south west coast of the United Kingdom then it will very similar both in terms of geology and also in terms of some of the architecture of houses in the villages. Each day we visited a number of places and I noted some potential spots for the vlog at the end of the day. Places that weren’t too far away from where we were staying. The week ended with a visit to La Pointe du Raz which is the equivalent of Land’s End in Cornwall including the shops and visitor centre. Note that more sequences were filmed but I didn’t want the vlog to be too long. *Note that the next vlog will be around the beginning of May.  

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