Loire valley châteaux. Amboise and Chenonceau. Landscape photography in France.

Loire Valley châteaux

On the 17th and 20th May 2017 I went to two of the most well known châteaux in the Loire Valley as well as the small village of Chédigny. Chenonceau is known for straddling the river Cher and such historical figures as Catherine de Medici and Diane de Poitiers. During the 1st World War it was used as a hospital and during the 2nd World War was the border between free and occupied France. Chédigny is known for its rose festival each year at the end of May. I went too early in the day but you get a small flavour of what is there. And finally Amboise is known as being the final resting place of Leonardo de Vinci in its chapel. This vlog is shorter than I would have liked but just lately my time has been quite hectic.

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