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January 2019 newsletter

If you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter then give it a shot! You’ll find a link to the mailing list in the menu. In any case, January’s newsletter has been sent out to subscribers as well as being posted on my Facebook page. But if you’re not subscribed and you aren’t following me over on Facebook then this is how it reads. January 2019 Newsletter Welcome to the January 2019 newsletter. First all, Happy New Year! With 2018 […]

Black Rock Cottage and Buachaille Etive Mor durng Winter.

Landscape and Travel Photography workshops – 2019

Landscape and Travel Photography workshops – 2019 So it has come to that time of year again when the following year starts to take shape. Travel plans are put in place for my own work as well as thinking about passing on knowledge to other who want to learn about all things photographically. Currently I have 4 definite landscape and travel photography tours and workshops advertised on my dedicated page. There is a 5th but that hasn’t yet been confirmed […]

Mongolia – Landscapes and People

The 7th to 29th September 2018 saw me in Mongolia. I was invited there to photograph the landscapes and people of this beautiful and vast country. Rewind back to January 2018 and I meet a lady named Jess. Speaking to and showing Jess my work she looked at me said “how would you like to go to Mongolia?” Yes, was the short answer and so a period of watching the pennies to buy my airline ticket ensued. Between January and […]

Travel Photography – Summer in Tuscany

After the Dolomites came Tuscany. But not the famous area of the Val d’Orcia or even into Siena an Florence. Nope we decided to head to the coastline staying near to Pisa. Tuscany is of course famous for the aforementioned Val d’Orcia and cities such as Florence but there are other places to see. Pisa is renowned for its leaning tower and Piazza Miracoli is jammed with people doing selfies where they appear to be holding up the tower. But […]

Landscape Photography – Summer in the Dolomites

The Dolomites in the northernmost part of Italy are a stunning area to visit at anytime of the year. Wintertime is when the area has one its peak seasons as it’s apparently Europe’s biggest area for skiing. Autumn sees the area burst into wonderful shades of yellows and reds in both the trees and the vineyards. Spring sees the area gaining the greens again while the summer season sees wild mountain flowers start to come into bloom. So after many […]

How To Do a Holy Grail Time Lapse

The Holy Grail Time lapse. So called as it’s the most difficult of all to do. But is it really? Well, yes and no. Creating regular time lapse footage during the day is a simple affair. You set your camera up on a tripod, add on the intervalometer, set the number of seconds you want and off you go. But the Holy Grail version requires patience and changing two elements of the exposure triangle as time passes. The two are […]

American Tours Festival 2018 with Deep Purple and Imelda May

The American Tours Festival in the city of Tours is held over three days during the month of July. If you like good music, rodeo and all things American then you’re likely to be in 7th heaven. Each year there is headline music act at the end of the day from a big name artist. This year saw Lenny Kravitz on the Friday. Deep Purple on the Saturday and Imelda May on the Sunday. Honestly, I’d never come across Imelda’s […]

Landscape Photography – Provence 2018

Provence. The very word conjures up lavender and old rustic villages. Each year in July this southern corner of France becomes a mecca for people wanting to see the endless lavender fields on the Plateau de Valensole. But there is more to see than rows of this pungent purple flower. The aforementioned villages can offer up many things to photographers such as doors and windows or even lazy cats that lounge around in the heat of the day. This year […]

Travel Photography – Martinique

For 11 nights at the end of May 2018 I headed over to the island of Martinique which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. A French overseas department it is perhaps more known amongst the francophone world rather than the anglophone. However this shouldn’t take anything away from the beautiful island and its beaches. Late May is an ideal time to visit as the school holidays are over in France and the hurricane season is still a few […]

Landscape and Travel Photography – Le Marche, Italy

The region of Le Marche in eastern Italy is not somewhere that is on a lot of people’s bucket list. It’s little discovered by a lot of people but if you take the time to investigate what this beautiful region has to offer then you’ll be hooked. Personally, I’ve had it on my own bucket list for a long time. Ever since I came across images of the city of Urbino I’ve been wanting to get there. Getting there is […]