How to master keywording for stock photography.

How To Master Keywording for Stock Photography

Mastering the art of keywording for images and footage destined for the various stock photography image libraries is absolutely essential to getting the assets found in the first place. If your image or footage isn’t keyworded then any potential buyer isn’t going to be able to find them thus you aren’t going to get a sale.

Although some of the image libraries will do keywording for you they are becoming less common and leaving the task for us to complete. So because of this, I decided to create a vlog that will guide you through the various principles required to get your images or footage seen by any potential buyer.

If you watch the vlog from start to finish you will be given a one-on-one class on how to keyword and also a couple of tricks here and there to simplify the task.

As ever do feel free to comment on YouTube with any questions you may have.

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