Landscape photography in Nepal. Upper Mustang and Kathmandu.

Landscape Photography in Nepal – Upper Mustang & Kathmandu

Landscape Photography in Nepal - Upper Mustang & Kathmandu

My latest vlog shows some of what I did during a three-week trip to Nepal in April 2022.

The principal reason for my trip to Nepal was to recce locations in both Upper Mustang and Kathmandu for a photography tour of the two areas.

Nepal is a photographer’s dream with so much culture and landscapes that you could spend a lifetime here and still not do it all.

Upper Mustang in the northern part of the country is a heavily controlled area that requires a special permit to enter into. Without it, you won’t get past the various police checks and so it is an obligation before you go.

It is little visited by tourists and receives around 6000 visitors per year into the area.

So take a ride in Nepal and Upper Mustang to see some of the stunning scenery and culture on offer.

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