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Landscape Photography | Exploring France – Charente Maritime

This week’s vlog on exploring France through landscape photography takes me to the department of Charente-Maritime. As I can’t travel how I normally do due to the lockdown I’ve decided to get out and discover more of the country that I live in. With each vlog in the series you’re going to see how I photographed the department that I visited and how I captured some of what was around me. The department of Charente-Maritime is on France’ Atlantic coast. […]

Landscape Photography | Exploring France – Loire Atlantique

Landscape Photography – Exploring France – Loire Atlantique is my latest vlog exploring France as I can’t travel how I normally due because of the lockdown. Starting in the town of Clisson I soon discover the old castle is covered in scaffolding whilst waiting in vain for the light. Moving further westwards the weather closed in but the late morning and afternoon had some excellent moments which you’re going to see during the vlog. The aerial shots are, for me, […]

Landscape Photography | Loire Valley End to End Part 1

Landscape Photography | Loire Valley End to End Part 1 is the start of a series taking you the viewer through some of what there is here in the designated Val de Loire UNESCO World Heritage Site. Starting with the Château de Sully-sur-Loire you’re going to get a very idea as to why UNESCO made this area of central France a World Heritage Site.

Landscape Photography | Exploring France – Vienne

For this episode of Landscape Photography Exploring France I traveled to the department of Vienne on the 13 September 2020. A rural area of the country that like my previous video in Indre has some gems that any photographer would appreciate. Starting in Montmorillon the day started well but afterwards I struggled a little as some of the places I wanted to go were off limits. At the end of the day I was back in Angles-sur-l’Anglin as in the […]

Landscape Photography | Exploring France – Indre

The 09 September 2020 I travelled down to the department of Indre in central France. A very rural area of the country that has some gems that any photographer would appreciate. Principally I wanted to get out and about. I wasn’t looking for any particular light it was more about discovering and seeing what was there. Of course, I do try to capture what I can in the best way that I can. The end of the day was actually […]

Landscape Photography | Exploring France – Loire Valley & Deux Sevres

This episode of Landscape Photography Exploring France sees me exploring both the Loire Valley & Deux Sevres. The 08 September 2020 was the first time in a while that I had photographed the dawn light in the Loire Valley. My principle aim was to photograph Candes Saint Martin at dwn across the river Loire. This nearly didn’t happen as there was a massive traffic jam on the road there and I could see in my rear view mirror the dawn […]

Landscape Photography | Exploring the Loire Valley

The 01 September 2020 I went back out into the Loire Valley. Having seen some places of interest the previous day I decided that I’d go back and see what I could find. The Loire Valley is a huge area and during these locked down times I’m hoping to cover a lot of it and some other areas too so keep an eye out.

Landscape Photography | Loire Valley Summers End

The 31 August 2020 signalled the end of the school holidays for the kids. So I decided that I’d had enough of being locked down and decided to head out into the Loire Valley with my kids to do a little exploring. It’s not hard to see why the Loire Valley is so beautiful and has the name The Garden of France. It is an amazing area to visit with lots to do all year round.

Landscape and Travel Photography in Vietnam

In mid-September 2019 I was invited to photograph northern and central Vietnam for a Vietnamese travel company called Ciao Travel (http://ciaotravels.com/). Now I didn’t get a lot of vlogging done as I was too busy taking everything in. It’s a country I had wanted to visit for a few years so it was for me a dream come true.

Landscape Photography in the Lake District with Paul Thomson

On the 7th and 8th December 2019 I was up in the Lake District national park in the north west of England. But I wasn’t alone and on the 8th I was joined by my good friend Paul Thomson as well as Dick Coulthard for good measure. The weather didn’t really play ball on either day but we didn’t let that deter us. We did our utmost to get the best out of the locations we visited. The nice thing […]