how to do a holy grail time-lapse

How To Do a Holy Grail Time-Lapse

Learn how to do a holy grail time-lapse

Is it easy to learn how to do a holy grail time-lapse? So-called as it’s the most difficult of all to do. But is it really so difficult? Well, yes and no.

Creating regular time-lapse footage during the day is a simple affair. You set your camera up on a tripod, add on the intervalometer, set the number of seconds you want and off you go. But the Holy Grail version requires patience and changing two elements of the exposure triangle as time passes. The two are exposure and ISO as the scene either darkens during sunset or lightens as the sun rises.

In recent years the creation of time-lapse footage has become ever more popular and the market has become inundated with ramping devices, sliders and other such paraphernalia. Of course, once you finish capturing the footage in camera then you need to process it and that’s where LR Timelapse comes in.

The software to create the final product isn’t discussed during the vlog but the process of creating it in the field is. So what are you waiting for? Give it a look and try out your own Holy Grail time lapse.

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