Woodland Photography – A beginner’s guide

Woodland photography is one of the hardest niches of landscape photography that beginner’s struggle with. A tangle of branches; trunks and leaves has many wondering where to actually point their camera. Do they even take an mage at all.

In my latest vlog I give some guidance on how you can approach woodland. The first part starts in a managed woodland near to home. Managed in the sense that the trees are planted in symmetrical rows thus making it easier to find the first compositions.

The next part of the video goes into an old woodland. Unmanaged and the usual tangle of trees it takes longer to find something but with perseverance it is possible.

Focal length of lenses is discussed along with some of the finer points of composition. Filters also play their part and in the final segment of the tutorial you’ll see how adding the colour of the sky to the colourful leaves of autumn gives another dimension to the final image.

So let me guide you through the tangle of a woodland to untangle what’s there into a meaningful image full of colour.

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