Italian Dolomites. Landscape Photography.

Landscape Photography – Italian Dolomites Part 2

On Sunday 29th October 2017 my wife and I said goodbye to the first part of our recce trip to the Italian Dolomites and drove to the next part.

Our base for part two was in the small town of Dobbiaco which is ideal if you want to nip over into Austria for cheaper petrol/ diesel but also convenient for some of the iconic locations such as Lago di Braies.

The first evening’s weather led a lot to desire as we had high winds that were coming down from Austria which made any of the local lakes a non-starter. We’d also had difficulty finding somewhere to eat lunch too as being a Sunday, and Italy is a staunch observer of the day of rest, nearly all restaurants were closed.

Over the following five days and four nights we set about mapping out the possible locations for the landscape photographer workshop in autumn 2018. Finding small waterfalls for wet weather days as well as simple walks to some of the iconic scenes such as the Tre Cime/ Drei Zimmen. In addition, it was extremely useful having my wife with me as it meant trying a number of different restaurants in the area so that they too could be added into the mix of things.

In early October 2016, I’d already visited the area and there was early snowfall. This year though what there was of the white stuff was very minimal and so it made some of the walking and driving a lot easier. One of the things that I am all too aware of is taking people to the Tre Cime and its solid ice on the path thus making it a no-go for any workshop participants. The safety of clients of the future workshop will be paramount due to some of the walking involved.

So enjoy this second part of our recce in the Dolomites and do get in touch if you want to join me and another tour leader this time next year in 2018.

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