Exploring France in the department of Charente. Landscape photography.

Landscape Photography | Exploring France – Charente

This week’s vlog on exploring France through landscape photography takes me to the department of Charente. As I can’t travel how I normally do due to the lockdown I’ve decided to get out and discover more of the country that I live in.

With each vlog in the series, you’re going to see how I photographed the department that I visited as well as how I captured some of what was around me.

The department of Charente has some beautiful landscapes as well as old towns and architecture to visit. There’s a lot to do and as in each episode, I can only scratch the surface due to time constraints.

What you’re going to see in this episode is the reality though of the French weather service getting it completely wrong. They showed one thing and it was doing the complete opposite even when I checked again and again. So the trip turned into more of a recce so I have an excuse to go back.

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