Paris Tours cycle race 2017. Riders on the starting line.

Paris to Tours cycle race 2017

As well as being a stock travel and landscape photographer I also do editorial photography when I can. One of the things I love doing is the Paris to Tours cycle race as living near Tours I can easily get access to it. On Sunday 8th October 2017 it was time again for the last race of the season. The Paris to Tours organized by ASO. Starting in Brou and ending in Tours I had a long and eventful day photographing the race. I don’t follow he route but rather make my own way down picking up the cyclists at various points on the way to Tours. Photography of cycle races isn’t the easiest as you get a moment to get your shot. Once they’re gone that’s it. Over and done with. If you weren’t ready then tough, you lost out! Hopefully you’ll enjoy a different edge to my photography that isn’t widely seen.

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