Monthly Archives: January 2021

Landscape Photography in the Loire Valley

Landscape Photography in the Loire. OK, so it’s not the most original title but I wasn’t sure what to call this. As the pandemic continues I need to concentrate on my commission. Working out all of the locations; when they can be photographed and what issues are likely to arise from them. This week’s vlog sees me back at the beginning of the Loire Valley. Photographing one of the beautiful castles at dawn. But not quite getting the light I […]

Landscape Photography Travel Photography Bad Weather in the Loire Valley

Bad weather. We’ve all heard the expression there is no bad light but I personally beg to differ. My first vlog back in the Loire Valley of France was blighted by bad weather. The weather forecasters on various sites were showing broken cloud and sunny spells but it was anything but what they showed. In this week’s vlog I took just one image because that was all that was worth taking. Honestly, I would prefer to be showing you all […]

6 Tips for Long Lens Telephoto Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography most people will head for the wide angle lenses in their bag. But a long/ telephoto lens can add an edge to your landscape photography. The telephoto lens allows you to crop tight into your subject. To really draw the eye into the image. You can of course pick our details but whatever you decide as a landscape photographer you should absolutely have one either a 70-200mm or a 100-400mm lens in your bag. […]

Salisbury Cathedral – Landscape Photography Locations

The city of Salisbury is my home city. A city which I grew up in and know like the back of my hand. And this is especially so when it comes to photographing the beautiful cathedral. There are 4 locations in total. One of them you’ll have to research where I was but it shouldn’t be too difficult. But this is a vlog I shouldn’t have been making. Right now I should be back in France but circumstances state that […]