The Duomo and the old city of Lucca

Travel Photography – Summer in Tuscany

After the Dolomites came Tuscany. But not the famous area of the Val d’Orcia or even Siena and Florence. Nope, we decided to head to the coastline staying near Pisa.

Tuscany is of course famous for the aforementioned Val d’Orcia and cities such as Florence but there are other places to see. Pisa is renowned for its leaning tower and Piazza Miracoli is jammed with people doing selfies where they appear to be holding up the tower. But again if you get away from these day-trippers and start scratching below the surface you’ll find a city that hides many other wonderful pieces of architecture as well as an amazing fresco hidden in one of the churches.

To the northeast of Pisa lies the city of Lucca. This UNESCO World Heritage Site-protected city is famous for its Renaissance walls and also has a stupendous duomo at its heart. Small streets and alleyways abound and will keep any photographer, or tourist, happy for hours on end.

Then there is Livorno to the southwest of Pisa. This bustling port city was heavily damaged during the war but again if you start to scratch away you can find many things to train your lens on. And speaking of which, you’ll hear during the vlog I wasn’t exactly enamoured with the city but on reflection it is definitely worth a second visit as I remember driving back to the house we had rented and seeing some cracking shots.

Sit back and take a look at the alternative side of Tuscany.

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