Zaanse Schans. landscape photography in the Netherlands.

Landscape Photography in the Netherlands

In mid-August 2019 I was commissioned to go to the Netherlands to do some photography for a commercial client in the tourism industry. These are the results of those two days.

Originally, the idea for the shoot came about in 2018 but neither the client nor I had the chance to catch up with each other. So in June 2019, we started to plan out how I could get over to the Netherlands in the best possible weather for the time needed to capture the photos they required.

Zaanse Schans is an area northwest of Amsterdam that can easily be reached by public transport in around 20 minutes or so from the central railway station. It’s not that big of an area but you need to be aware that once it gets to around 8am in the morning then busloads of tourists start arriving on the scene. But then they all start disappearing again around 6PM.

August 2019 was pencilled in to capture the photos and it took two weeks of waiting for bad weather to clear from the Netherlands in order for the shoot to go ahead.

Remember that this isn’t a photography tutorial or out to get typical photographer-style images. This is client work for the tourism industry and as such the images need to be of the type that will attract tourists to the area.

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