Landscape Photography in France. Local Area.

Local Area

When I made this latest vlog this morning tiredness was setting in after a night of bad sleep. Forgetting my keys on the way out of the door and having to go back home to get them didn’t help either. So apologies if I don’t come across as being as enthusiastic as I should. I am, after all, only human and like everyone I have those days when it just doesn’t seem to gel.

Around 6 and a half years ago I made the move from the south of England to the Loire Valley in France.

Originally, I lived in the city of Tours but have now moved out of the city into one of the villages.

Although the area is better translated as the Vale of the Loire and is largely quite flat there are some nice corners to be found. This video shows three of them which are very close together.

Hopefully, what I get across in this latest vlog is that to do travel and landscape photography, you don’t necessarily have to travel hundreds of miles from your home to find good images. You can usually find them closer to home.

Loire River
Tree plantation near Luynes
Château de Luynes


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