Travel Photography in Rome, Italy

From the 29th May to 1st June 2017 I visited Rome for the fourth time. Excessive? Absolutely not! I like to get the best out of a city that I can and if that means multiple visits then so be it. Even now after this short stay I still feel that I am only scratching the surface of the Eternal City.

The vlog show some of what I do during my time as a working travel stock photographer. Creating time lapse sequences and trying to work a particular view that interests me.

Something I will say about this particular vlog is that when listeing back to it I seem to have lost the diction that I’d built up over the last few months so apologies for that.

Gear used includes
Canon 6D
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24mm TS-E Mark II
Canon 28-70L
Canon 17-40L
Canon 70-200 F4 L
Canon 1.4x Mark III Extender
Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod
Manfrotto 410 geared head

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