Zhiyun Crane Plus Unboxing | Quick Review | Testing

In my endeavours as a travel and landscape photographer on YouTube I have been looking at ways in which to improve some of the footage that I capture.

Most of the main footage and b-roll footage is filmed using a GoPro Hero 5 and as such isn’t always what I’d like for my vlogs. Yes, I do add in time lapse which is captured using my Canon 5D Mark II or Canon 6D but still there is room for improvement.

So having done much research and thinking and looking at other people’s vlogs who I admire I decided that Zhiyun Crane Plus was the best fit for my work going forward. With a payload of around 2.5kg the Zhiyun Crane Plus is capable of holding a camera such as a Canon 6D Mark II or Canon 5D Mark IV in tandem with a lens such as the Canon 17-40mm F4 L or Canon 24-70mm F2.8 Mark II. This extra payload above the Zhiyun Crane 2 means that you have extra flexability with the camera that you want to use it with. Available through various outlets it’s a snap at the price point in comes in at. A price that if you’re a professional you’re likely to see it earn its keep very quickly.

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