Martinique Island. Travel photography vlog.

Travel Photography – Martinique

For 11 nights at the end of May 2018, I headed over to the island of Martinique which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

A French overseas department, it is perhaps more known amongst the francophone world rather than the anglophone. However, this shouldn’t take anything away from the beautiful island and its beaches.

Late May is an ideal time to visit as the school holidays are over in France and the hurricane season is still a few months away. This leaves the island feeling relatively calm and relaxed.

There are a number of things to photograph on the island from vistas to small villages. Of course, the coastline is stunning with beautiful beaches and if you fancy getting beneath the waves then you won’t be disappointed with the various colourful fish that can be found here. And if you’re lucky you can also see turtles!

Join me on my latest adventure and please feel free to comment on YouTube!

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