Landscape photography in Provence. Photography tour and workshop.

Landscape Photography – Provence 2018

Provence. The very word conjures up lavender and old rustic villages.

Each year in July this southern corner of France becomes a mecca for people wanting to see the endless lavender fields on the Plateau de Valensole. But there is more to see than rows of this pungent purple flower. The aforementioned villages can offer up many things to photographers such as doors and windows or even lazy cats that lounge around in the heat of the day.

This year David Clapp and I hosted our first Provence workshop together and we split our time between two parts of the area. The first took in the Plateau de Valensole and this is where you will get those classic shots of lavender fields. We do visit some of the surrounding villages but for most workshop attendees their priority is the lavender fields.

For the second part of the tour we base ourselves near to Avignon. Avignon is of course on the agenda with its stupendous Palais de Papes but again there are other things that we take people too such as old abbeys and abandoned villages.

And following on from the success of this tour we’ve launched Provence 2019 so if you’re interested in joining us for a week of photography in this beautiful corner of France then check out the workshop page for more details and the dates.

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