Steve Morse the lead guitarist of Deep Purple at the annual American Tours Festival, Tours, France. - Photo by Julian Elliott - photographer for hire.

American Tours Festival 2018 with Deep Purple and Imelda May

The American Tours Festival in the city of Tours is held over three days during the month of July. If you like good music, rodeo and all things American then you’re likely to be in 7th heaven.

Each year there is a headline music act at the end of the day from a big-name artist. This year saw Lenny Kravitz on Friday. Deep Purple on the Saturday and Imelda May on Sunday. Honestly, I’d never come across Imelda’s music but after witnessing her up close all I can say is definitely give her a listen. She sings beautifully and it’s a treat to hear a “singer” rather than shout at their audience.

As an accredited photographer for the main festival, I had to apply separately for each of the three music artists and their support. I lucked out on Lenny Kravitz but was over the moon to be chosen to photograph Deep Purple. Imelda May was a last minute decision but I’m glad I asked as she was, as I said earlier, superb and well worth seeing.

So do you get to see the whole concert as a photographer? Nope. Normally you get at most 3 songs and then you’re marched off away from the venue towards the press office. That’s fine as getting up close and personal with some of these amazing artists is a blast as you get to capture them from behind the lens.

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