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Travel Photography – Martinique

For 11 nights at the end of May 2018 I headed over to the island of Martinique which lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. A French overseas department it is perhaps more known amongst the francophone world rather than the anglophone. However this shouldn’t take anything away from the beautiful island and its beaches. Late May is an ideal time to visit as the school holidays are over in France and the hurricane season is still a few […]

Landscape and Travel Photography – Le Marche, Italy

The region of Le Marche in eastern Italy is not somewhere that is on a lot of people’s bucket list. It’s little discovered by a lot of people but if you take the time to investigate what this beautiful region has to offer then you’ll be hooked. Personally, I’ve had it on my own bucket list for a long time. Ever since I came across images of the city of Urbino I’ve been wanting to get there. Getting there is […]

Landscape Photography – Tuscany May 2018

From the 5th to the 12th May 2018, David Clapp and I ran a photography tour and workshop in the Val d’Orcia of Tuscany. 10 people joined us for what was a great week of photography. Our participants stayed in 2 rustic farmhouses just south of Pienza and one night were treated to a traditional Tuscan dinner provided by our hosts. The Val d’Orcia does of course need no introduction as it is world famous as a photography destination as […]

Zhiyun Crane Plus Unboxing | Quick Review | Testing

In my endeavours as a travel and landscape photographer on YouTube I have been looking at ways in which to improve some of the footage that I capture. Most of the main footage and b-roll footage is filmed using a GoPro Hero 5 and as such isn’t always what I’d like for my vlogs. Yes, I do add in time lapse which is captured using my Canon 5D Mark II or Canon 6D but still there is room for improvement. […]

Travel Photography – Return to Budapest

At the end of March I took the plunge and went to Budapest for 4 nights. A city that I had had on my list of places to go to for a long time. But I was greeted by 4 days of non-stop grey weather as well as my flight over being delayed by just over 3 hours. Despite doing my best during my time there it just felt tiresome seeing the flat and lifeless sky each day. In total […]

How To Master Keywording for Stock Photography

Mastering the art of keywording for images and footage destined for the various stock photography image libraries is an absolute essential to getting the assets found in the first place. If your image or footage isn’t keyworded then any potential buyer isn’t going to be able find them thus you aren’t going to get a sale. Although some of the image libraries will do keywording for you they are becoming less common and leaving the task for us to complete. […]

How to Get Started in Stock Photography

The world of stock photography is a vast and complex one. There are essentially two strands to it being creative and editorial. The creative side of stock photography is almost an anything goes area. You can create what you want and what you think any potential buyer might want then upload it to one of the various agencies. Editorial photography is also vast but is based around images of a specific moment. So it might be documenting a particular weather […]

10 steps to know whether you’re ready to go professional

How’s about 10 steps to know whether you’re ready to go professional? Do you know how often I get asked what is needed to be a professional photographer. That the dream of traveling around the world and living it up far outweighs the 9 to 5? But is it all its cracked up to be? Of course the answer is no as like anything else at the end of the day it is a job. But it’s not just one […]

The Val d'Orcia in Tuscany.

Tuscany Photography Tour and Workshop – October 2018

Tuscany Landscape Photography Tour | 6 – 12 October 2018 A seven day photography tour of the incredible landscape of Tuscany, with fabulous four star accommodation The Tuscan landscape and the mere mention of it invokes images of rolling hills dotted with lone cypress trees. Countless artists have painted it through the centuries and now it’s out turn in the 21st century to capture it with our cameras. Based in the model city of Pienza, we will have seven days […]

Landscape Photography – Winter in Glencoe

In the early part of January 2018 I was due to arrive in Scotland to run a photography workshop in the Glencoe area. The workshop itself was due to start on the 15th January but I needed some time beforehand to reacquaint myself with the area. Glencoe and Rannoch Moor offer up numerous views that you can capture by the side of the road but I wanted something different for the workshop. Roadside is all very well but I really […]