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How to Use The Datacolor Spydercube For Better White Balance

In this week’s vlog I show you how to use the Datacolor Spydercube for better white balance in your images. White balance is critical in your images. Making sure the image is free of colour casts is a must for any serious photographer out there. Skip over this knowledge at your peril! You can buy your own here: https://geni.us/So6KoO

Landscape Photography – How to Get A Good White Balance

As soon as we click the shutter on our cameras white balance will always be applied. Digital cameras give us the edge over film cameras as we can immediately see the effect it is having on our images. In the days of film, landscape photographers gravitated towards the rich colours of Fuji Velvia but unless they used warm-up or cooling down filters then they were stuck with a daylight balance of around 5500K. The raw images from our digital cameras […]

How to Process a Landscape Photo in Lightroom

How to Process a Landscape Photo in Lightroom explores some of my image processing techniques. Adobe Lightroom has become one of the go to raw editors for photographers of all levels from amateurs to professionals. And like its stablemate Adobe Photoshop the actual process of polishing our photos can be done in a number of ways. Adobe Lightroom has become one of the standard software programs that we turn to in order to process our images. I use it and […]