2022 Epson Pano Awards Silver. Torres del Paine.

Epson Pano Awards – Silver and Bronze

Photography competitions are for some a way of gaining recognition as well as publicity for the work that we do. Some competitions get more publicity than others and also stand out from the crowd just that little bit more.

One such competition that I like to enter when I feel the time is right is the Epson Pano Awards. The overall theme is that images are of the panoramic variety which is something that I love doing when the moment is right.

In the Dolomites last year I caught a stupendous sunset over Cortina d’Ampezzo which I took in both 3×2 format as well as a panoramic image. This image attained a Bronze award.

Then in early February this year, I was lucky enough to be able to be staying in Torres del Paine national park. After a long trek the previous day my next day was programmed to be a nice gentle walk to get a sunrise across a lake. The sunrise itself was anything but gentle. It turned to be one of the most stunning displays I have seen by Mother Nature.

What made the sunrise in Torres del Paine all the more special was that my guide had forgotten to wake up and a replacement was quickly sought out. Marcello my other guide stood next to me as we witnessed a beautiful morning. And even though he lived in the park for his work he was still amazed by what was in front of him.

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