Vallerret Alta Over Mitt Photography Gloves review

Vallerret Alta Over-Mitt Photography Gloves – A quick review

During the winter the need to protect ourselves is an obvious task. But when you’re a landscape photographer then it’s even more evident as sometimes you might be stood around waiting in the freezing cold.

One thing that photographers have always struggled with is getting a proper hold of their camera when wearing gloves. And that’s where Vallerret comes into the scene.

Made and designed by photographers this excellent company kindly furnished me with two different sets. One was the Markhof Pro II and the other is here which is the Alta Over-Mitt Photography Gloves.

The Alta Over-Mitt Photography Gloves are designed to go over the top of your gloves thus giving you another layer of protection against the cold. Evidently, it makes it a little more difficult when gripping your camera BUT would you prefer your hands get cold?

My own experience with the Alta Over-Mitt Photography Gloves was put to test in the Alta area of Western Mongolia. In a harsh and unforgiving environment where temperatures can easily reach well below -30°c in Winter the gloves helped protect me during my visit there in March 2019.

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