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How To Photograph Bad Weather 7 Tips for Landscape Photography

How To Photograph Bad Weather 7 Tips for Landscape Photography is my latest video and gives you some ideas to think about. The weather has been pretty bad of late and so I thought that it may as well be embraced and provide some content for my channel.

Salisbury Cathedral – Landscape Photography Locations

The city of Salisbury is my home city. A city which I grew up in and know like the back of my hand. And this is especially so when it comes to photographing the beautiful cathedral. There are 4 locations in total. One of them you’ll have to research where I was but it shouldn’t be too difficult. But this is a vlog I shouldn’t have been making. Right now I should be back in France but circumstances state that […]

How to Do Fine Art Landscape Photography…Or is it?

How to do Fine Art Landscape Photography. It’s a question that a lot of landscape photographer’s are asking. It’s also a subject of great debate as to what exactly is “fine art” landscape photography. This video is my attempt to, let’s say, parody those videos that are teaching you “fine art” landscape photography. I say this because the overriding thing you’ll notice with those videos is the amount of times flat grey skies appear along with a 10 stop neutral […]