Landscape Photography | Exploring France – Creuse

This week’s installment on exploring France through landscape photography takes me to the department of Creuse. As I can’t travel how I normally do due to the lockdown I’ve decided to get out and discover more of the country that I live in.

The department of Creuse is consistently receives the lowest number of visitors against all other departments. And it’s a shame because Creuse has some beautiful rolling landscapes as well as old towns and villages to visit.

I had in mind’s eye that I’d like to capture some of the autumn colour here as well as getting to some really out of the way places. The weather didn’t play ball though and hindered a lot of my day. But that has only made me even more determined to capture this corner of France in a better light.

You’re going to hear mention of a location whereby I can’t give out the coordinates to it. It’s very out of the way and not marked on any map. Please respect the fact that it sits on private property.

There’s a lot to do and as in each episode I can only scratch the surface due to time constraints.

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