Exploring the gothic cathedrals and abbeys of central France.

Travel Photography | Exploring France – Gothic Cathedrals and Abbeys

Gothic architecture is everywhere over here in France. In this episode of Exploring France, I photograph four separate Gothic wonders in central France to show you the beautiful sights there are to behold.

The weather on Sunday 04 October 2020 was pretty bad for the most part of the day. So I decided to do a loop taking in these architectural wonders of the middle ages.

Vendôme Abbey is the earliest example shown here with its stunning Gothic Flamboyant style evidenced in the west front.

Chartres cathedral has been considered such a masterpiece of High Gothic architecture that UNESCO made it a World Heritage Site. You could spend a whole day but sadly I didn’t have near enough the amount of time I wanted.

Orléans cathedral was constructed after Chartres and was known to be the place where Joan of Arc would pray during the siege of Orleans.

Lastly, the smaller but nonetheless beautiful cathedral in Blois was the last cathedral built out of those visited. It’s got a mixture of styles in it but the Gothic is there.

So if you’re a fan of architecture then I hope you’re going to enjoy this. Next up is going to be a tutorial further expanding what I’ve done here…I hope!

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