Chateaux of the Loire Valley in France. Landscape and travel photography.

Landscape Photography in France Chateaux of the Loire Part 006

The Châteaux of the Loire are famous worldwide and rightly so. From old medieval fortresses such as those at Chinon to more stately castles dotted around the area, they make great subjects for both landscape and travel photography.

In this episode, I show you three more castles in the Indre-et-Loire department of central France. All of them are easily photographed from the roadside or can be visited.

Now I know that one of the castles is no longer there apart from the moat but thought that it was worth noting that it was there. Certainly, the nearby town is worth a visit.

With this series, I aim to introduce some of the well-known as well as lesser-known castles that are here in central France. Do be aware though that not all of them are accessible to the public and remain behind high walls sealed off from public gaze. But those that are visible will be covered where I can.

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