How To Use V Flats For Studio Photography

How To Use V Flats For Studio Photography shows you four different ways you can use this inexpensive light modifier to get portrait images in the studio.

Although not filmed in a proper photography studio you can see that you can still create imagery at home using basic equipment that doesn’t cost a huge amount of money.

Apart from the v-flats the other pieces of gear are as follows:

Godox AD300 Pro: https://geni.us/u60vUi7
Godox 260T Air-Cushioned Light Stand
Manfrotto 1314B Backdrop holder
Manfrotto 1051BAC Air-Cushioned Light Stand: https://geni.us/76S33q
Westcott 45″ Optical White Satin Umbrella: https://geni.us/cyhW
Lencarta Grey Background

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