The cityscape of Osaka in Japan at night.

How I Photographed Osaka and Tokyo

For the early part of February 2019, I spent 12 days between two Japanese cities. Osaka had already been visited in November of 2018 but Tokyo was a new one for me.

Both cities offer many observation points both open and closed and it’s these which attracted me as I wanted to time-lapse them as best I could. As always though the weather was a challenge but that is what you have to put up with at times.

In addition to each of the two cities, I decided a visit to the Mount Fuji area would be a must as I was due to visit the area in April as well as heading north into the mountains to see the famous snow monkeys.

So have a listen to a more narrative type of vlog, as I didn’t get time to vlog properly, where I explain each of my days in Japan.

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