Tuscany Landscape Photography Tour May 2023

Cypress trees in the Val d'Orcia in Tuscany.
Wildflowers in the Val d'Orcia, Tuscany.
The Val d'Orcia in Tuscany.

Tuscany Landscape Photography Tour | 6 - 13 May 2023

A seven day photography tour of the incredible landscape of Tuscany, with fabulous four star hotel accommodation

Join me for a fabulous photography tour of Tuscany and the Val d’Orcia in the burst of spring. The photography tour is centred in Pienza in the very heart of the Tuscan countryside, in a four star hotel in the centre of Pienza which we will use as our base to photograph the impossible undulating landscape. The very thought of Tuscany creates images of rolling hills, misty mornings and roads punctuated with cypress trees and these will be a feature of many of our Tuscany landscapes.

During the month of May, this UNESCO World Heritage Site bursts into colour with wildflowers filling the countryside and we will endeavour to make the very best of the morning and evening light. I will take you to some of the very best locations and also lead you to explore lesser known spots, so you can capture a wide array of classic imagery, from breath taking landscapes to lifestyle, close-up and even flower photography.

Our stay is based in Pienza in four star hotel accommodation, which is itself in the heart of the Val d’Orcia. Our hotel provides us with breakfast in the morning.

Highlights of our tour, other than the endless rolling countryside, will be the hilltop towns of Montepulciano, Pienza and San Quirico d’Orcia as well as other smaller off the tourist trail gems.

Additional information

What flights do recommend?

It’s nice and easy with plenty of time to get to the airport and have that all important day of rest before work on Sunday.

The recommended flight will be based on London Heathrow to Pisa - TBA. I can also arrange to pick you up from Florence airport as we will be passing by on our way to the Val d'Orcia.

There are a number of operators at various times but the recommended flight is the one where you will be met at the airport for transfer to our accommodation.

Where do I meet you?

We will all meet at the arrivals lounge in Pisa Airport (exact time to be announced). If you are not on the recommended flight, then ensure you arrive slightly before.

Is it hot in Tuscany?

It’s not particularly hot in May, it is similar to an English spring with periods of warmth, but be prepared for some colder starts and changeable weather as the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany is higher in altitude than a lot of other popular Italian destinations.

What clothing should I bring?

Dress in comfortable loose clothing like t-shirts, loose shirts with a collar or base layers as these will work very well at keeping you cool. Also bring walking trousers or similar comfortable long trouser wear. Bring wa waterproof jacket incase there should be some rain. Don’t forget a floppy sun hat of some sorts. Sunglasses are an absolute essential, polarised ones will really help with creativity.


Walking shoes are perfect for the countryside. You will not need heavy leather walking boots, these will just make you feel more uncomfortable. As we will visit towns and villages, a pair of trainers / sneakers will help keep you feet cool and will make the walking easier.

What camera kit should I bring?

A wide angle lens (16-35), medium zoom (24-70) and a longer zoom (70-300) will be ideal to cover most compositional eventualities but don’t forget the macro lens if you have one. The most used will be in the 24-70 range as a super wide angle doesn’t always translate, so make sure this focal length is covered. It’s best not to weigh yourself down, so why not bring an airport style bag for all your kit and a smaller day bag, which you can decant equipment into throughout the day.

Do I need a computer?

Although not essential, its a great idea to bring a laptop computer with you so you can discuss imagery with myself, and others in the group. It really is a great learning experience, so it’s highly recommend bringing a laptop to learn and for personal entertainment.

What computer support do you give?

I make a point of tutoring digital photography to my clients, to help complete the learning process. It really helps to have a computer session when tiredness takes hold, or inclement weather persists.

How do I pay?

It's easy! Just use the Paypal buttons below to checkout. The balance will be due 4 weeks before the start of the tour/ workshop. You can always decide to pay the full amount up front too if you wish.

Tuscany - May 2023

1995€ / deposit of 250€

6 - 13 May 2023

7 nights/ 8 days

Tuscany, Italy


All double room 4 star hotel accommodation with ensuite bathrooms
Airport transfer from recommended flight
Transport during the tour
Tuition from Julian Elliott

International flights
Meals not mentioned

4 star accommodation in the heart of the Val d'Orcia in Tuscany

Max Group Number

Fitness Level