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Landscape Photography – Winter in Glencoe

In the early part of January 2018, I was due to arrive in Scotland to run a photography workshop in the Glencoe area. The workshop itself was due to start on the 15th January but I needed some time beforehand to reacquaint myself with the area.

Glencoe and Rannoch Moor offer up numerous views that you can capture by the side of the road but I wanted something different for the workshop. Roadside is all very well but I really wanted to get underneath the skin of the place and to get a more intimate knowledge of the area.

When I first arrived during the evening of the 11th January it was evident that there was snow on the high ground and this had been confirmed during my voyage over by keeping an eye on the Glencoe Mountain Resort webcam. Two years previous I was very fortunate that there had been good snowfall and was able to capture some of the iconic scenes under the white stuff.

But in this case it didn’t matter too much as without the snow it meant that getting around was a lot easier than trying to get a car to go across the inevitable black ice.

Filmed over 3 days the latest vlog shows the trials and tribulations of trying to photograph the area. From low and heavy cloud to driving rain that forces play to stop. It’s all part of the experience of being in the Scottish Highlands during the Winter months.

So enjoy this latest episode of my travels up to the Scottish Highlands.

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