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Vlog update – Why hasn’t there been much of late?

I know that it has gone unnoticed that there has been a lack of vlogs since the spring. The answer is very simple in that travel has opened up. Because travel has opened up it’s meant that some jobs that were waiting on restrictions to be lifted could come to fruition. So interspersed with my update are images of what happened since it was filmed. But hopefully you’ll have a good understanding of how things work in my day to […]

Landscape Photography – Exploring France – Indre and Creuse

This week’s episode on Landscape Photography Exploring France shows a little of the departments of Indre and Creuse. These central French departments have a number beautiful sites to visit. Now, I didn’t get a lot of time to vlog as I was trying to do some work on a presentation I’ve been asked to do. Sometimes work just comes first! My channel is dedicated to all things landscape and travel photography so if that’s your thing then I’d love to […]

Landscape Photography Exploring France Deux Sevres

Landscape Photography Exploring France Deux Sevres is a quick vlog in the department of Deux Sèvres. A department of central France that has much to see and do. There wasn’t much time to do an extensive trip here. I was out with my kids showing them the country they never get to see. But hopefully you’ll enjoy the small ride along with us.

Abandoned Railways and Disused Stations of France – Part 1

Part 1 of the Abandoned Railways and Disused Stations of France shows what’s left of the and stations between Chinon and Loudun. France is famous for its high speed TGV but beyond this there are many rural lines that have been closed but are still intact as well as the infrastructure that goes along with it. This isn’t my usual content but when I’m out and about I come across so much of it that I thought I’d document it.

How I Recce Landscape Photography

How I Recce Landscape Photography is a warts and all look at what goes through my mind when I see a scene. What I am thinking with regards to the composition and then execution of the final image. What you see here isn’t an image that I deem a success but it’s useful to at least try and make a scene work. You just have to get out there at times and see if these things are worth pursuing or […]

How I Photographed the Tulips at Chateau de Cheverny

How I Photographed the Tulips at Chateau de Cheverny shows what I did to capture some of gardens in the castle grounds. Located in Loir-et-Cher the Château de Cheverny is a must visit. But not just during the tulip season at anytime of the year. This stunning castle is known for its association with the Tintin series of books too so if you’re a fan then definitely make a beeline for it.

Landscape Photography Exploring France – Mayenne

In this week’s episode of Landscape Photography Exploring France I head to the department of Mayenne. This rural department in central France has an absolute ton of things to photograph. From hilltop medieval villages to ruined castles and of course the obligatory churches too. So sit back and take a look at what I got up. It’s only scratching the surface but should give you ideas.

Landscape Photography Exploring France Loir-et-Cher Part 2

For this week’s episode of Exploring France I’m back in Loir-et-Cher for more landscape photography and of course architecture photography. Although the department is called Loir-et-Cher it does also have the mighty Loire going through it but in any case outside of the UNESCO World Heritage Site there is a ton to do. One of the things I was lucky enough to do was go up the bell tower of the church in Selles-sur-Cher. But, as you’ll see at the […]

Landscape Photography Exploring France Cher Part 2

In this week’s episode of Landscape Photography Exploring France I visit the department of Cher for a second time. This central department has a whole raft of places to go but in this episode the architecture is what I mainly focus on. It goes without saying that if you say France to people then images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris; lavender in Provence and the Alps are probably high in people’s minds. But there is more to the country […]

Landscape Photography Exploring France Haute Vienne

For this week’s episode of Landscape Photography Exploring it’s the time of Haute Vienne in south central France. This beautiful area of France has so much to do it is a sure thing that I’m going to get back again at some point. From castles to ruined churches to the stunning cathedral in Limoges. But also let’s not forget the sweeping landscapes too as they are a must. Now, speaking of Limoges cathedral I was given some special access to […]