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Foolography Unleashed Review Control Your DSLR From your Smartphone

Foolography Unleashed Review | Control Your DSLR From your Smartphone

My latest vlog is a review of Foolography Unleashed. This bluetooth device allows you to control your DSLR from your smartphone. Foolography were kind enough to send one to me to review and see what I think. But they haven’t asked for a review that must be positive or whatever else. I am giving you my thoughts on this so it is a genuine review rather than one that must meet certain requirements which other companies do tend to ask […]

Vallerret Alta Over-Mitt Photography Gloves – A quick review

During the winter the need to protect ourselves is an obvious task. But when you’re a landscape photographer then it’s even more evident as sometimes you might be stood around waiting in the freezing cold. One thing that photographers have always struggled with is getting a proper hold of their camera when wearing gloves. And that’s where Vallerret come into the scene. Made and designed by photographers this excellent company kindly furnished me with two different sets. One was the […]

Gloves for Winter photography – Vallerret Photography Gloves Review

What’s the best gloves for winter photography? I don’t know how many pairs of gloves that I’ve gone through. Nice expensive gloves from outdoor shops to a cheapish pair of gloves from a garden store where I could remove part of the glove to access my fingers. But in every case they just didn’t do the job in hand. The job that I need to do as a landscape and travel photographer means that I need the use of my […]

Zhiyun Crane Plus Unboxing | Quick Review | Testing

In my endeavours as a travel and landscape photographer on YouTube I have been looking at ways in which to improve some of the footage that I capture. Most of the main footage and b-roll footage is filmed using a GoPro Hero 5 and as such isn’t always what I’d like for my vlogs. Yes, I do add in time lapse which is captured using my Canon 5D Mark II or Canon 6D but still there is room for improvement. […]