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November 2021 newsletter

Newsletter November 2021 Welcome to the November 2021 newsletter. Autumn is well and truly here and it feels like winter is just kicking in as well. Here in France the temperature gauge seems to be plunging quite rapidly. Since the last newsletter I’ve been out and about again traveling from France into Italy. Had car troubles and had to be rescued by the brake-down services twice which isn’t fun when you’re in the middle of nowhere. The subject of travel […]

Capturing The Last of the Autumn in the Creuse

Last week my plan was capturing the last of the autumn in the Creuse. However with just a few kilometres of my journey to do the back brakes on my car failed. For safety reasons as I was two and a half hour from where I live I decided to finish the vlog very quickly. It’s not the most ideal of situations but these things do happen. Next week’s vlog is going to be a little more of the Creuse […]

How To Make Money from Photography

In my latest video I give you 7 tips on How To Make Money from Photography. A lot of people out there want ideas on how to make and earn money from their photography so that it pays for itself. It’s not an impossible task but it also isn’t the easiest thing either as you are fighting against a huge pool of people. There are a number of avenues out there in which you can use to maximize our earnings […]

7 Tips For Starting Out As A Professional Photographer

7 Tips For Starting Out As A Professional Photographer guides you into some of the things that you should be thinking about on your journey into being a pro. The photography industry isn’t an easy one with everyone vying for a slice of the pie. Think about what I say here as it is absolutely going to help you going forward. My channel is dedicated to all things landscape and travel photography so if that’s your thing then I’d love […]

Photographing the Tour de France 2021

Back at the end of June and beginning of July I was an accredited photographer for the Tour de France. Originally I was going to photograph just three days of it but I decided to make it 5 which took me up into the mountains. You won’t see any footage of the Tour itself as contractually we are not allowed to film it from what I remember. But I’ve added in some of what I did. The regular content is […]

Failed Astrophotography – I Deleted My Images

On 12 June 2021 I took my kids out to the beautiful landscapes of the Creuse. The intention was to create some astrophotography as they had been bugging me to see the night sky. The Creuse offers superb viewing of the stars as it’s a very rural area of central France. The evening started off really nice and I had taken some long awaited shots of the setting sun on the old castle. But sadly the evening disappointed us as […]

Landscape Photography – Exploring France – Indre and Creuse

This week’s episode on Landscape Photography Exploring France shows a little of the departments of Indre and Creuse. These central French departments have a number beautiful sites to visit. Now, I didn’t get a lot of time to vlog as I was trying to do some work on a presentation I’ve been asked to do. Sometimes work just comes first! My channel is dedicated to all things landscape and travel photography so if that’s your thing then I’d love to […]

How To Use V Flats For Studio Photography

How To Use V Flats For Studio Photography shows you four different ways you can use this inexpensive light modifier to get portrait images in the studio. Although not filmed in a proper photography studio you can see that you can still create imagery at home using basic equipment that doesn’t cost a huge amount of money. Apart from the v-flats, the other pieces of gear are as follows: Godox AD300 Pro: https://geni.us/u60vUi7 Godox 260T Air-Cushioned Light Stand Manfrotto 1314B […]

How to make Studio V Flats or Photography Backdrop

Do you need to know how to make studio V flats or photography backdrop on a budget? Check out the latest vlog. Although ordinarily I am not a photographer who spends his time in the studio I do enjoy this type of photography. It’s going to be explored a little more over the coming months due to some work that is coming my way. As photographers we should always be looking to expand our craft and knowledge. We shouldn’t stick […]

Landscape Photography Exploring France Deux Sevres

Landscape Photography Exploring France Deux Sevres is a quick vlog in the department of Deux Sèvres. A department of central France that has much to see and do. There wasn’t much time to do an extensive trip here. I was out with my kids showing them the country they never get to see. But hopefully you’ll enjoy the small ride along with us.