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Landscape Photography Chasing the Weather

Sunday 7 February 2021 I make my way down to Chinon. The stunning castle that stands guard over the town below was the main reason for my dawn shoot. During a time lapse the castle was lit up briefly by the rising sun. Against the dark, brooding sky behind to the north east it was a nice moody backdrop. The rest of the day I was hoping for some nice changeable weather but it eventually closed in. But you know […]

Landscape Photography Travel Photography Bad Weather in the Loire Valley

Bad weather. We’ve all heard the expression there is no bad light but I personally beg to differ. My first vlog back in the Loire Valley of France was blighted by bad weather. The weather forecasters on various sites were showing broken cloud and sunny spells but it was anything but what they showed. In this week’s vlog I took just one image because that was all that was worth taking. Honestly, I would prefer to be showing you all […]

6 Tips for Long Lens Telephoto Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography most people will head for the wide angle lenses in their bag. But a long/ telephoto lens can add an edge to your landscape photography. The telephoto lens allows you to crop tight into your subject. To really draw the eye into the image. You can of course pick our details but whatever you decide as a landscape photographer you should absolutely have one either a 70-200mm or a 100-400mm lens in your bag. […]

Landscape Photography | Bad Weather Days

Landscape Photography and bad weather. It happens to us all. You weather watch. You think all is going to be good but Mother Nature decides otherwise. This isn’t the great vlog I have ever done but I’d filmed it so thought that I may as well just put it out there. I intended this to be another video showing you all the Loire Valley but the weather just did not play the entire day. What can you do? Not a […]

How to Do Fine Art Landscape Photography…Or is it?

How to do Fine Art Landscape Photography. It’s a question that a lot of landscape photographer’s are asking. It’s also a subject of great debate as to what exactly is “fine art” landscape photography. This video is my attempt to, let’s say, parody those videos that are teaching you “fine art” landscape photography. I say this because the overriding thing you’ll notice with those videos is the amount of times flat grey skies appear along with a 10 stop neutral […]

Landscape Photography | Exploring France – Loire Atlantique

Landscape Photography – Exploring France – Loire Atlantique is my latest vlog exploring France as I can’t travel how I normally due because of the lockdown. Starting in the town of Clisson I soon discover the old castle is covered in scaffolding whilst waiting in vain for the light. Moving further westwards the weather closed in but the late morning and afternoon had some excellent moments which you’re going to see during the vlog. The aerial shots are, for me, […]