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Capturing The Last of the Autumn in the Creuse

Last week my plan was capturing the last of the autumn in the Creuse. However with just a few kilometres of my journey to do the back brakes on my car failed. For safety reasons as I was two and a half hour from where I live I decided to finish the vlog very quickly. It’s not the most ideal of situations but these things do happen. Next week’s vlog is going to be a little more of the Creuse […]

Failed Astrophotography – I Deleted My Images

On 12 June 2021 I took my kids out to the beautiful landscapes of the Creuse. The intention was to create some astrophotography as they had been bugging me to see the night sky. The Creuse offers superb viewing of the stars as it’s a very rural area of central France. The evening started off really nice and I had taken some long awaited shots of the setting sun on the old castle. But sadly the evening disappointed us as […]

How to Use The Datacolor Spydercube For Better White Balance

In this week’s vlog I show you how to use the Datacolor Spydercube for better white balance in your images. White balance is critical in your images. Making sure the image is free of colour casts is a must for any serious photographer out there. Skip over this knowledge at your peril! You can buy your own here: https://geni.us/So6KoO

Landscape Photography Chasing the Weather

Sunday 7 February 2021 I make my way down to Chinon. The stunning castle that stands guard over the town below was the main reason for my dawn shoot. During a time lapse the castle was lit up briefly by the rising sun. Against the dark, brooding sky behind to the north east it was a nice moody backdrop. The rest of the day I was hoping for some nice changeable weather but it eventually closed in. But you know […]

How To Photograph Bad Weather 7 Tips for Landscape Photography

How To Photograph Bad Weather 7 Tips for Landscape Photography is my latest video and gives you some ideas to think about. The weather has been pretty bad of late and so I thought that it may as well be embraced and provide some content for my channel.

6 Tips for Long Lens Telephoto Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography most people will head for the wide angle lenses in their bag. But a long/ telephoto lens can add an edge to your landscape photography. The telephoto lens allows you to crop tight into your subject. To really draw the eye into the image. You can of course pick our details but whatever you decide as a landscape photographer you should absolutely have one either a 70-200mm or a 100-400mm lens in your bag. […]

How to Do Fine Art Landscape Photography…Or is it?

How to do Fine Art Landscape Photography. It’s a question that a lot of landscape photographer’s are asking. It’s also a subject of great debate as to what exactly is “fine art” landscape photography. This video is my attempt to, let’s say, parody those videos that are teaching you “fine art” landscape photography. I say this because the overriding thing you’ll notice with those videos is the amount of times flat grey skies appear along with a 10 stop neutral […]

7 Tips to Plan a Landscape and Travel Photography Trip

7 Tips to Plan a Landscape and Travel Photography Trip gives you the fundamentals of what it is that you should be doing to plan a successful trip out. There are many other things that can be shown to help but certainly if you’re just starting out as a photographer then you need to be following the advice in order to get the best out of your day.

7 Composition Tips & Tricks to Compose Your Landscape and Travel Photos

7 Composition Tips & Tricks to Compose Your Landscape and Travel Photos is designed to take you in a logical way of composing your images to try and ensure you end up with better and better photos. Composition is one of those key elements that needs to be mastered in photography and in any visual art. We need to compose our images so that viewers are drawn into them. In this photography tutorial I start with the rule of thirds […]

7 Tips for Using a Tripod in Landscape & Travel Photography

7 Tips for Using a Tripod in Landscape and Travel Photography explores 7 ways in which I get the best out of my tripod when I’m out and about. People get into many bad habits when it comes to using their tripod in the field. These habits can lead to images having camera shake and frustration. So here’s some of what I do to ensure I get all the imagery I want and that everything is as it should be.