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ger district of ulaanbaatar

Mongolia | A Journey to Central Asia | Ulaanbaatar

Arriving in Ulaanbaatar I remember the first time that I arrived in Ulaanbaatar’s Chinggis Khaan International Airport. The Aeroflot flight from Moscow to UB was getting near to the airport and I remember looking out of my window onto the landscape below. It wasn’t what I had imagined. What had I imagined was high mountains around the place but it seemed relatively flat to what I had had in my mind. Sure there were plenty of hills around the place but […]

Russian Furgon van

Mongolia | A journey to central Asia

My journey to Mongolia started in January 2018. Having just come down from the Scottish Highlands amidst the harsh winter conditions of the Beast from the East, I went to the Adventure Show in London’s Olympia. At the show I met Jess of Eternal Landscapes who offered me the chance to discover this amazing country. Once we got chatting it was evident how passionate she was about Mongolia and what it was that it had to offer. But when I […]

What is a travel photographer

What is a travel photographer?

What is a travel photographer? Who are these people who roam the world taking pictures and what is that they really do? If you go to the ever present search engine Google and enter the phrase “what is a travel photographer?” then you’re likely to hit upon a number of pages trying to nail down just what it is that a travel photographer does. Wikipedia is at the top of this list and defines it as “A genre of photography that may […]